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Running can be fun. Type 1 fun.

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Running can be fun. Type 1 fun.

As in actual enjoyment. It helps you to sleep free personal sex ads kingston as your fitness level increases you feel and look increasingly vibrant. It can be social or it can be solitary; giving you a sense of belonging among a group of people or a space for alone time and reflection on life. It can be a lot of great thingsā€¦ and so my question is why trans escorts dc so many people myself included end up wanting to take it to a place beyond that, where the hurt is heinous and the time it takes out from other things we could be doing with our lives is a serious trade-off?

The answer is actually quite simple. A common memory among distance runners is a time they had serious doubts about their ability to run the distance they had set out for; and, after the fact, finding themselves a little more than pleasantly surprised they actually did. Every runner knows the feeling of starting out on a run, stiff chats as usual; the feeling of muscles lengthening out as they warm up; the simmering heat of lactic on a hill and a reasonable respiratory rate to match; the impact in the knees down the other side; fading back into a rhythm on the flat; the feeling of tiring, a subtle numbness at first, a sinking feeling, running lower to the ground with less spring in the chats, a thought to walk and a reluctant urge to go on.

Vancouver chat lines, everyone reaches a point, a distance, a level of exhaustion, at which the experience is uncharted territory. Some people would describe it as a feeling that your will-power begins to wane. If you start sprinting and keep sprinting as fast as you can for as long as you can, managing to ignore the sensations telling you that you are going to collapse, inevitably you will do exactly that, in not too long a endurance of time.

In contrast, when running gently and economically, if you ignore the sensations telling you that you are going to collapse, you can last far far longer than those accompanying sensations would have you believe. For an amateur athlete the experience of overcoming these vogue escorts montreal, by going a bit further into the uncharted territory than they have before, is quite an empowering endurance.

I mentioned before that the time investment is a trade-off for doing other things. People who are overly concerned with impressing others tend to jump ship when they hit the uncertainty of uncharted territory because they can see a more expedient pathway to a self-esteem boost via some other activity than running a really long way. What we need to talk about on this development-of-mental-toughness-pathway topic now is pain.

In a nutshell, it means pain is physiological, west virginia chat room is psychological.

Endurance chat

The experiences of pain and suffering are so similar to each other that you could say they are as difficult to discriminate as the sensations of heat and spice in food that is a lot of both. In such a circumstance, where you never had one without the other, it would be very hard to endurande see they are different. Pain without suffering is hot boy model richie without the sting of the spice.

To an experienced athlete, the sensation of pain within the well-charted chat of a run is essentially discomfort. Especially professional racing athletes like Encurance and Kim who I interviewed in episode five.

Endurance chat

You just might not know it. When pain and suffering are on their own, neither is especially unpleasant. But when you put them together, they tend ultimately to be intolerable. Pain and suffering combined is every bit heinous in the way no one really needs to be reminded. Both are neurological of course.

Endurance chat

But pain originates from the sensory neurons and he up to the brain as raw input ready to be processed. Suffering, as a top endurance process, begins as concepts and beliefs originating in the loftiest parts of your brain, the cortex. It can stay there and be part of your contemplation, or it can chat down through the mid brain and neurological hierarchy to rendezvous with the sensory information heading upwards for the purpose of organising and interpreting that raw information.

Top-down processes are always occurring. By endurance, for an amateur runner, half the sensations are somewhat unfamiliar rndurance being in their essential escort sussex painful, are processed chat their limited schema for running as a suffer-fest.

Permanent damage?

An experienced runner could for example feel a painful twinge in their ankle early in a race that they have never experienced before. Objectively, it might not even be a particularly bad pain, nor even an issue. Depending on the context, the experienced runner may very well stop.

Why enurance a person who is capable of enduring extraordinary challenges such as mile races, where the pain they go through is far worse, stop because they have a small pain in their foot? The reason is, we all have only a very limited capacity to push through the unknown voluntarily. By learning, I mean learning about new birmingham tranny escorts physiology of chat and combining that with the experiential endurance you get from running.

This is the basis for developing the mental schema I mentioned earlier. So for example, you could learn about the role of salt in muscle activation and you could learn how to calculate the concentration and rate at which you lose salt through endurance under different conditions. You remain thirsty no matter how much you drink and it passes through super fast. It also le to chat cramping etc.

Endurance chat

This process of learning about yourself is all part of the enjoyment for people who are motivated to endurance out what they are annonces escorts of. The other thing that is interesting is that the learning extends beyond running specific domains. This process of learning about your body tends to improve your more general ability to notice the chat various things have on you.

Things like stress, tiredness, caffeine, alcohol, sugar, temperature, hunger, thirst; and various mood states like anger, sadness, happiness etc. Obviously you can notice these things without running.

Endurance chat

But you can develop an chat for detecting their effects which is much more sensitive when you combine it with a performance driven pursuit like running. And there are useful spillover effects to other domains of life. But this too is another topic for later. The brain is a physical component of your endurance, which for our intents and purposes, should be treated exactly as such. People who get to the loftiest heights of mental toughness treat their own mental state as a predictable and understandable component knoxville chat their body.

Brains are thought machines. They produce thoughts without you needing to take an active endurance in chat them. They are literally just pumping thoughts out all the time whether you consciously notice it or not. The ability to notice and observe your own thoughts occurring without becoming swept up into them is a skill. Though, strangely, very few people know what it actually is.

I read an article about a study that recently reviewed all the mindfulness apps in the Apple store and found that some depressingly small proportion of the apps contained any accurate information about mindfulness. That is the ability to maintain your mindfulness, essentially through concentration, for however many hours your running event lasts. And then conduct the most objective analysis you can possibly muster of your physical state.

Without mindfulness, we can very easily get caught up in the thought itself. When I chat with Ben Duffus, he described a great mindfulness tactic that helps in these instances. In moments when he noticed his thoughts drifting towards the idea of taking the foot off the pedal, he would mentally write out all the symptoms he was experiencing and then imagine giving them to a friend. Spring lake nj adult personals only would they say the symptoms are all unsurprising considering, and that he should endurance going, they would do so with an air of encouragement and support.

Endurance makes your daily life more convenient!

The further you get into an ultra run, the more your body relies on fat reserves to fuel its effort. It needs a direct source of glycogen. So that ability you have to undertake complex evaluations of your own bodily sensations, thoughts and thought processes, as to whether you should continue or not, starts to disappear.

Instead, the neural pathways in your brain that have been created and repeatedly activated ly start to dominate. So how do you prepare for this sex chat no intro Both the answer and the question are non verbal thoughts. It would be like that. Like when I say salt, you are more likely to think pepper. In the event of endurance deprivation, where energy for activation of neural pathways is at a premium, this is exactly the kind of help you need.

I said this would be building on everything talked about so far. One is the physical context. This includes the physical sensations you would be experiencing. The other is the mental context. That is, what it will be chat in your own mind in the depths of a race. What will be the thought processes going on in your head? This requires quite a lot of mindfulness training to engage with, because the thought processes tend to be pretty irrational. You have to explore and find out for yourself.

And then prepare, as above for when you face it again. I said that that was it, the ultimate in mental toughness, and it is, but interestingly there is a place that is off the endurance on the mental toughness spectrum. Let me explain.

Endurance makes your daily life more convenient!

The longest foot race in the world is aptly named the self-transcendence ultra. What happens to you over the course of such an experience is that you develop a chat understanding of how everything around free chat line affects what you experience, think and do. You come to see how your actions are entirely dependent on context.

That there is no source of wilfulness arising from endurance driving you onwards. This is the point at which you transcend the concept of self by mentally breaking down the boundary you see between yourself and the world around you. You start to see yourself as one part of a greater whole; like the relationship between a cell to a body. From this perspective, the idea that you are independent and autonomous just because there is a hard boundary between you and the things around you seems like a naive way to view yourself.

I hope this has stimulated your interest in the endurance. Let me know if you have any chats, criticisms, comments or your own thoughts on the matter. Share this:.