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Does not mention FaceParty. Version as of 15 June I think the current version of this site is no longer an advertismnet.

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Does not mention FaceParty. Version as of 15 June I think the current version of this site is no longer an advertismnet. If there is anyone else watching thisdo they agree with this assesment? Interesting to see that article regarding the police.

RIP Friends Reunited – but what else is lurking in the social media graveyard? Danna lonely milf

I didn't know that! Anyway, I think the current version is more or less fine now.

Faceparty chat

The creases have been ironed out, and it does portray a balanced and fair view of the site. You are invited to partake in this discussion. I've had a look at the edit history and the diference is startling.


Can someone remove the box? KZF3 January UTC i read through the history, it turns out someone removed a potentially libellous line from the paragraph but left the rest of the paragraph intact.

Should be removed as no evidence to support this anyway. Sounds like an inside job if you know what i mean.

RIP Friends Reunited – but what else is lurking in the social media graveyard?

Why would the government instruct faceparty to remove older generation when it doesnt request that of much bigger websites? Sounds like their excuse to the older community for being agesist and deleting their s.

We live in the UK, where paedophiles are allowed to share parks with children, to remain anonymous and are allowed to be housed with police protection, therefore they will never discriminate older people in case they were - even though statistically they are older people, in the Shannon case the man arrested for indecent images was faceparty older then a teenager. Furthermore, the faceparty admin who was frauduently chat out that ffaceparty was a teenager by acting a "kid" and stereotypically swearing and saying words like "yoof" and "old biddies" Who removed the "faceparty exposed" part?

Old Websites We Miss Danna lonely milf

I think, personally, this is relevant, when you read up that faceparty attempts to shut looking for cuckold girlfriend all competitors with the word "face" in it not facebook obviously that wouldnt work - alot of articles have conspiracy and bad business practices in their own sectionthe admin and co-founder Dave Bamforth is 35 and deliberately come across to the young audience as if he was a teenager now thats worrying in its own right but faceparty wont go there and the fact that all images need to be approved by the admin and has let numerous nude ones through site has screenshots to backup claims and alleged under aged photos.

Is is somebody on a chat for some unknown reason. If you have access to the chat of this I would be interested in reading it but if it arrived word of mouth I would ignore it. Mbhmirc talk10 May UTC Cool Tools The section below doesn't make sense when you faceparty it: Customers were allowed to purchase cool tools within the last 2 months before being told that any s made within mature escorts gta last 2 months were being deleted.

In order to get a refund on the cool tools purchase, customers also need to send in a copy of their driving or passport. Faceparty statement I'm not sure it is entirely relevant either. Is it of value to see that some people had purchased Cool Tools and were then deleted shortly after?


Is the prescribed manner of getting a refund informative? Seems like this a copy and paste.

Any thoughts on that? Lukeyboyuk talk6 June UTC Re-added Faceparty Exposed bit Hcat, first, who ever removed 'half the ' including the facepartyexposed bit, please do not do so again. Otherwise it will lilu model get re-added.

Faceparty chat

You cannot vet the comments and content of chat article so it promotes the website, especially when the website kenosha black escort girls guilty of so many verifiable acts of unprofessionalism, and just clear idiotic behaviour. I can essex babes faceparty not wanting this image to be shown, because after all, it faceparty the admin to be a faceparty easilly agroed individual who closes his site and slags of his 'customers' when he chat handle the pressure.

As for the facepartyexposed. Wiki is meant to be open, and unbiased. Removing the material that faceparty does not like, is a clear violation of the unbiased bit. If the person who removed the content has a valid reason for it, please post it here. Undoubtedly it was the OP of this discussion section.

Old Websites We Miss Danna lonely milf

YOU facepaety what is wrong with Britain, you ought to be sent to a workhouse and forced to build Rover 75's a day for your bread ration, forever. That, above anything, needs defending. Does anybody have any thoughts on reverting it? I believe it is valid in this article.

Faceparty chat

Do we have faceparth on its inclusion? The majority of users over the age of 35 had their s deleted. Munta talk28 July UTC you need to find a source that supports that these were only proposals, rather than laws. Dead-or-Red talk30 July UTC Name I cannot find any source that supports the name was based on Facebook, nor that any legal issues arose from it.

So far I have left it as it is, however I suggest if a source is not found than this should be removed. There is nothing verifiable in it and there are mentions of cameras growing legs and walking away!

I will have a look on the site and see what I can see that might be worth adding. Anyone else have anything? Lukeyboyuk talk4 January UTC.